Top Ten Mistakes

An Important Message from….

Don Webb, Founder of The Greenwood Project

I believe that land ownership (and the responsible, conservation oriented stewardship of our natural resources) provides and UNDENIABLE path for anyone to achieve BOTH their financial and quality of life goals.

Unfortunately, most people will never own a piece of land for investment or pleasure. Not because they don’t want to, but because most people lack the knowledge and experience to successfully locate, evaluate, acquire, manage, and maximize the potential of a piece of land.

They simply don’t know how.


The skill, education, and experience necessary to make an informed purchase decision can take years to develop. I understand. In fact that was my exact situation 5 years ago!


I figured it out, and I can help you figure it out, too!

To help get you started (particularly for those of you who are afraid you’re going to make a mistake). I want to give you my FREE REPORT, identifying what (in my opinion) are the Top Ten Mistakes most first time land buyers/investors make. Some of them are mistakes I made. PLUS…..You’ll get two more free reports: The Top Ten Myths of Land Investing and The Top Ten Truths of Land Ownership.

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Remember…..The best way to enjoy, conserve, and benefit from the great outdoors is to actually own some of it!